Oberlin Big History Movement

Origins and Definitions of Big History


I plan to wite a short introduction on Big History here. To quickly know what Big History is, I recommend the following three items. - October, 2016 Nobuo Tsujimura

1. Christian, David (2011) “The history of our world in 18 minutes”, filmed on March 2011, at TED.
2. Cranston, Bryan narrator (2013 - 2014) “The Big History of Everything”, The final episode of the Season 1 of the Big History series on History Channel (2 hours).
Amazon video (2013, final episode): "17. The Big History of Everything"
DVDs + Digital (2014, full episodes)
Blu-ray Discs + Digital (2014, full episodes)
3. Christian, David, Cynthia Stokes Brown and Craig Benjamin (2014) Big History: Between Nothing and Everything, New York: McGraw-Hill Education.