Oberlin Big History Movement

What is Oberlin Big History Movement?

Oberlin Big History Movement, OBHM (the former Oberlin Big History Project, OBHP) was jointly launced by the teachers and students at J. F. Oberlin University, Tokyo, Japan in 2016 in order to realize the spirit of Big History seeking to consider the essence of the universe, life and humanity through the 13.8 billion years of earth and cosmic history, and then apply its cosmic perspectives to modern global challenges.

The OBHM's slogan is "Think Cosmically, Act Globally".

The OBHM's activities are the following.
1. Running a course and a seminar of big history at College of Arts and Sciences, J. F. Oberlin University
2. Making the archive of the literature and art works to be a big historian
3. All other activies to apply the cosmic viewpoints of Big History to modern gloabl challenges